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Made by schools for schools

Developed under the guidance of leading educators

Safely extending your campus into the metaverse

Facilitating deep-learning through the profoundly memorable

What is Campus-XR?

A Virtual Reality Education Platform – Harnessing the unbound potential of experiential learning

With Themed campus locations – That correspond with subject specific activities

Pre-stocked & catalogued Interactive 3D models – For inspirational lessons

360 videos – Use our curated content or upload your own and insert custom quizzes

Full teacher / student interaction – Be it from the classroom or continents apart

Integration with your existing MIS – Collate invaluable data specific to each learner

Gamified learning -Combined with a reward points system and behavioural controls

…And much more – Campus-XR is a dynamic platform, regularly enhanced & updated

We took our students on a virtual field trip, explored the solar system, viewed the inner workings of a cell then travelled back in time to feed a dinosaur… Amazing!

Campus-XR extrapolates key data from learners in real-time as they advance – measuring progress and monitoring emotional wellbeing.

The Gallery
Upload and display your work! The Gallery allows students and teachers to play and display files, including paintings, photos, videos, songs, 3D scanned sculptures, poetry and YouTube clips. These files appear as framed images on the wall. The magic takes place when you enter an image and find yourself transported to a 360 all-immersive version of it.
The Science Lab
A great environment to access our 3D interactive models, which can be added into the environment at the discretion of the teacher. Each model can be disassembled and reassembled, with reward points issued for correctness. Work completed here synchronises with Office 365.
The Amphitheatre
Enter debating competitions, rehearse a play, invite guests from all over the world to participate in performances. Upload any Office 365 document to display on the giant screen. From here teachers can activate quizzes that involves both audiences inside and outside of VR.
The Space Station
Visit any planetary body in our solar system and venture outside for a space walk. Viewing planet Earth from the space station is spectacular and teachers often use this perspective to highlight our fragile ecosystem. It serves well in geography, science and history lessons.
The Library
Pull a glowing book from a shelf and open it to reveal a website, such as BBC bitesize. Teachers can add webpages as favourites, these then appear within the library. The library also contains our grand conference table, where guests from around the world can meet. Sessions can be recorded from multiple camera angles, with auto dictation of speech to text if desired.
The Quad
A social space and large viewing area where giant assets can be placed, such as dinosaurs, volcanos and structures like the Eiffel tower. Opposite Quad, on the large playing field, students can unlock games at specified times, using their reward points. Be it badminton, table tennis or fencing - track calories and top the House leaderboard!

Latest news…

Campus-XR is currently in beta. Educators can join now and help shape the product. As an early adopter you will receive benefits pertaining to licensing and training.

Your ideas and feedback enable us to provide exactly what you want in the ever expanding metaverse. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Campus-XR environments can be custom-built to match your requirements. You can also mix and match from our standard suite or white-label under your brand/organisation name.

We Want to Hear From You