Enriching Education

Made by schools for schools

Developed under the guidance of the UK’s leading educators

Inspiring learners

Utilising the most engaging interface of the modern era

Shifting the paradigm

Making the intangible tangible and deeply memorable

What is Campus-XR?

A Virtual Reality Education Platform – Harnessing the unbound potential of experiential learning
With Themed campus locations – That correspond with subject specific activities
Pre-stocked & catalogued Interactive 3D models – For inspirational lessons
360 videos – Use our curated content or upload your own and insert custom quizzes
Full teacher / student interaction – Be it from the classroom or continents apart
Integration with your existing MIS – Collate invaluable data specific to each learner
Gamified learning -Combined with a reward points system and behavioural controls
…And much more – Campus-XR is a dynamic platform, regularly enhanced & updated
“We took our students on a virtual field trip, explored the solar system, viewed the inner workings of a cell then travelled back in time to feed a dinosaur… Amazing!“

Campus-XR extrapolates key data from learners in real-time as they advance – measuring progress and monitoring emotional wellbeing.