Time Machine

The Campus-XR time machine allows students to virtually step out into historical events, immersing their senses in scenes long past but never forgotten. Our mission is to build an emotional and captivating connection to history, to bring days of old to minds inquisitive and new. 

VFX: Unity VR (360)

Voice: “Soldier” AI Generated

 Poem: Edwin Muir – The Child Dying 


 Each frame within the Campus-XR gallery can be configured to display art work in 2D, 3D, Video and “walk-in” formats. In this example we have configured a number of classic works positioned around the periphery of the gallery juxtaposed with more modern works in our breakout exhibition rooms, in this instance we are proud to host a collection of David Yarrow’s photography.  Selected works have been integrated with an AI chat facility, that takes on the persona of guide/curator, allowing each guest to learn more about the artist and their inspiration. 


The Campus-XR amphitheatre provides you with the perfect space to rehearse and perform, where student avatars can choose roles and suitable costume, with access to a full array of props, be they Shakespearean or Science Fiction, our wardrobe is unlimited! Additionally, guest speakers can take centre stage and present to students and parent groups from all over the world. This environment doubles as our quiz show scene, where the sky darkens and the lights shine as the quiz master and contestant take to their chairs, supported on by an audience who can interact and assist with the quiz.

ARK Academy: Feedback

Students from the ARK Academy explain why campus-XR is such a powerful education platform and highlight some of their best experiences.

We take great satisfaction in demonstrating how Campus-XR can be used in a classroom setting! There’s nothing quite like witnessing the impact and excitement generated, it never fails to inspire us and we welcome your ideas and feedback. Feel free to book in a session at your school today.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Campus-XR is designed to democratise education, encouraging learners to safely explore environments and scenarios beyond the scope of the classroom and beyond real world limitations. Welcome to “Quad”, aside from hosting XXL 3D models our ethical wildlife park presents a unique opportunity to interact up-close with the animal kingdom.

We’ve put this concept to practice in this environment. Here students can interact with extinct species, from Dinosaurs to the Dodo, or roam with a pride of lions and observe their social interactions. Teachers can “possess” animals and control their movements and body language to really bring learning to life… There’s nothing quite like hearing about the late Cretaceous period from a T-Rex!

Real-Time VR Headset Footage

Footage taken from real-time headset recording: The synergistic combination of virtual reality and AI within Campus-XR tailors itself to every student’s needs. Witness the thrill as your class navigates dynamic, vivid landscapes, bringing even the most challenging topics to life, igniting a passion for subject matter only possible via immersive experiential experiences.

If you would like us to recreate your environment (digital twin) or set us the task of making an entirely new and original scene, please get in touch, we’d be delighted to help!

Campus-XR is white-label ready should you wish to rebrand entirely based on your environment or your desired setting.

Squash Courts & Game Rooms

Do you like the odd game of squash? Campus-XR doesn’t neglect physical education in combination with gamified learning. Enhance hand eye co-ordination, dexterity and stamina… and burn 250 calories while you’re at it. Yes, it really is that intense and fun! Play solo or compete with a friend.

Science Lab

It’s not every day that you get to dismantle a nuclear bomb at school. Actually, it’s no day – ever! But in Campus-XR you get to interact with Oppenheimer’s legacy, which grants insight like no other educational experience and dramatically highlights the consequences of Little Boy’s detonation.

Space Station

The Campus-XR space station takes VR engagement coupled with AI to new heights… Learn about science, technology, and geography aboard our space station, orbiting celestial bodies – a view accessed by so few but inspirational to so many.  From this unique perspective, discussions about our fragile ecosystem, the importance of conservation and the potential existence of exoplanets in their respective Goldilocks zones would flow seamlessly, opening conversational portals into philosophy, physics and mathematics, captivating young minds… and I haven’t even mentioned our AI Edu-bots! Poised in classroom “pods”, ready to detach from their charge stations at the touch of a button, configured by educators for personalised interaction and inspiration. 

Create Your Campus

Dive into an unparalleled educational experience. Campus-XR merges the realms of reality and digital, allowing schools to recreate any environment they envision within a boundless virtual landscape. No longer confined by the physical constraints of brick and mortar, Campus-XR eliminates barriers and redefines the horizons of learning. Here, students can interact with rich, dynamic content in an environment tailored to foster curiosity, engagement, and in-depth understanding. Whether wandering through historical reconstructions, exploring scientific wonders, or navigating digitally twinned locations, students are offered an education without limits. Join us in shaping the next paradigm. Transform. Experience. Discover.